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TXG Lokomotiv AB

TXG Lokomotiv AB is a Swedish-based company focused on the Scandinavian transport industry. Having the exclusive sales rights for Škoda Transportations product portfolio for Scandinavia, we offer a wide selection of different transport solutions with high quality and durability.

Rail based transportation is a growing part of the Swedish public transport system having the best potential for future development and growth.

TXG Lokomotiv’s mission is to promote rail-based transportation, both passenger and public as cargo transportation. We want to help create an entirely new way of thinking in terms of both rolling stock, operations and delivery of new transport solutions.

Our focus

We have a focus on the following areas:

- Build a fleet of locomotives and trains that are cost effective and with significantly higher availability than most of today’s systems. For this we have teamed up with Škoda Transportation in the Czech Republic. Skôda Transportation develops and manufactures trains which are very competitive both technically and in terms of better operating economy. TXG Lokomotiv is Skôda Transportation’s exclusive representative in Scandinavia.
- In cooperation with Škoda Transportation offer Swedish cities with trams running costs and availability that is at a higher level than any of the current system.
- Stand for new ideas within business operations to operate rail services much “smarter”. Not least in order to better utilise the existing infrastructure.
- Offering alternative financing to provide rolling stock in a more flexible way, adapted to operators different requirements. We offer everything from sales and leases to complete solutions. TXG Lokomotiv provides vehicles and maintenance of a concept that basically means we provide transportation.

Our customer

As an operator or owner of rail-bound traffic, you are welcome to contact us – we have new solutions to old problems. And together, we have the capability to create a new generation of rail-bound transport:

- Modern vehicles
- Efficient and convenient transportation
- Very high utilisation of vehicles, in any weather.
- Provide increased profitability
- New, fresh thinking – trains are the future of transportation and we have the solutions.
- Efficient hybrid buses (TriHyBus) or trolleybuses for modern bus transport.